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E-commerce product image ghost mannequin services is for online clothing stores to hide mannequins out of garment items. It is commonly known as the invisible or ghost mannequins process. However, the name we call upon depends on region to region. The mannequin process is done by Adobe Photoshop techniques and only a professional image neck joint service provider can do so.




What is a ghost mannequin?

A ghost mannequin is a mannequin that is used to display clothing in a way that gives the illusion that the mannequin is invisible. The clothing is hung on the mannequin and photographed from multiple angles. This allows the customer to see how the clothing looks on a person, without seeing the mannequin itself.

Ghost mannequins are often used for clothing that is form-fitting or otherwise difficult to display on a traditional mannequin. Undergarments, swimwear, and tight-fitting dresses are all common items that are displayed on ghost mannequins.

If you’re shopping for clothing online, keep an eye out for items that are displayed on ghost mannequins. This can give you a better idea of how the clothing will look on you, and help you make a more informed purchase. Photo editing services for eCommerce.

ghost mannequin services

Why ghost mannequin service?

The essence of this service is ever-growing. Because we want to see our dresses just like we put on them. So cutting out or hiding the head portion is a must unless we won’t get to see the overall perfect wearing’s in real life.

Moreover, the neck joint service assures someone whether the outfit would be perfect for him or not. That being said, they get to know the perfect neck size according to their body shape. The more days we are passing, the more this service is developing, for example for S size t-shirt you will get to see such a mannequin dress-up.

What is ghost mannequin photography?

Ghost mannequin for photography is used to showcase clothing in a way that shows off the garment’s shape and details without the distraction of a model.

Ghost mannequin photography is a popular choice for e-commerce businesses because it allows customers to see how an item will look without having to imagine how it would look on their own body. This type of photography can be used for both men’s and women’s clothing, as well as for children’s clothing and accessories.

If you’re thinking about using ghost mannequin photos for your own e-commerce business, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to find a mannequin that closely resembles the average size of your customers.

Second, you’ll need to take care to position the mannequin in a way that shows off the garment’s best features. And third, you’ll want to use lighting that flatters the clothing and doesn’t create any unwanted shadows.

With a little bit of practice, you can create ghost mannequin photos that are both stylish and informative. Your customers will appreciate being able to see exactly what they’re buying, and you’ll be able to show off your clothing in the best light possible.

Where to Get the ghost mannequin services?

At Retouching Zone, we have outstanding team players who are dedicatedly working to providing high-quality neck joint services. We aim at giving the best result using digital methods. Thankfully, we have clients across the globe, who rely on our work as we can bring them the perfect results.

Different Types Of Neck Joint Services

360° pack shot Ghost Mannequin Effects:

3D packshot refers to the 360 angle view to the audience. It is the ultimate neck joint service to whom who wants to make a decision viewing every angle of a garment item. To edit those images, you need to deliver the best photo from your photographers. So the designer can easily edit and churn out the most impeccable editing output for you.
In order to provide us photos, you need to send us the variant angle and footage of that particular image. This would be from the top, beneath, left, right, front, and the backside of it. Turns out we can fix them all together and finally give you the top-notch mannequin effect.

360° pack shot Ghost Mannequin Effects
Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin

Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin:

This one is a regular mannequin process. Here you will get to find your neck joint cut out service where the head will come out. The great thing about such a service the client or customer will come to see the original invisible mannequin effect. Those garments would be shirts, jackets, or trousers.

Bottom Joint On Ghost Mannequin:

The long tail garment item requires to go through the detailed mannequins process. For example, some garment comes with the back part with a longer layer compared to the front part. Removing and fixing that part would be effective which is done by Photoshop process.

Bottom Joint On Ghost Mannequin

Famous Ghost Mannequin Services

E-commerce business: If your online-store needs immediate booming only by photo editing work then you can give us a look. We ensure quality driven ghost mannequin services within the promised deadline at an affordable ghost mannequin price.
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Professional photo editor: If you are a professional photo editor and need someone to manage your workload, hire us. Our neck joint or ghost mannequin service will save both time and effort. Contact us without doing any delay and take our high-quality photo editing services.
Professional photographer: If you want photo editing services to make your photos ready for commercial use, then our ghost mannequin photography or neck joint services are the perfect fit for you. We have worked with many professional photographers and helped them reach their goals with our valuable work.

How Retouching Zone Ensure the Best Service?

We are skilled at applying Ghost Mannequin technique since we know how to pin the image to the neck of clothing which you are exactly demanding. Our manipulation result clearly shows the original dress and turns out top-notch to the audience. Moreover, when you give your task to our hand, we give the task to the right person based on the complexity and the output you are looking for. This is why we can ensure you the outlook or view of your images. Outsource your product image editing with us.

The Reason we are standout from others:

Retouching Zone make sure the 3 phrases of quality check
We have comparatively affordable pricing
We offer the free quote and money-back offer to some extent

Ghost Mannequin Service

Retouching Zone have outstanding team players who are dedicate working to providing high-quality neck joint services. Thankfully, we have clients across the globe, who rely on our work as we can bring them the perfect results.

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