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Retouching Zone provides best professional photo retouching services. And crafting images is nowadays more than a skill, only dedicated people have the ability to produce better results.

Starting from the simple photo editing to high-end professional photo retouching, we cover all of them. Currently, we are providing these following services to you:

  • Clipping Path Service
  • Photo Retouching Service
  • Ghost Mannequin Service
  • Color Correction Service
  • Shadow Making Service
  • Background Remove Service
  • E-commerce image editing services


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Retouching Zone has been producing top-notch output for the last 7 years. We are growing gradually and now blooming our services bit by bit. Our expert team along with peer designers are working so hard to close the deal according to our clients’ will. We believe in leadership, quality management, and dedication to fulfill all your requirements.
The key services of us are Clipping Path, Shadow Making, Photo Retouching, Ghost mannequin and color correction. Our main purpose is to deeply understand your instructions and then we delve into your project and bring the desired results. Last but not the least, we are true to our skill and dedicated to meet your deadline. And we always focused on the image output quality first.

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Outsource Photo Editing Services

Retouching tells a different story from editing. It is more oriented to bring the natural colors, shadows and more importantly, beautify the image so one will enjoy the output of it. In other words, photo retouching means the mechanism of alteration of a photo adjusting the correct hue, color and lifting away the dullness. Sometimes, it becomes so time consuming as one needs to tackle every small localized dots by zooming in then make it adjusted to the rest of the areas of an image. 

Professional photo editor knows how to retouch simple to complex images. That being said, an image would have so many issues. It would come with dust, scratch, unwanted marks and many minor errors. Hence a professional retoucher knows them all and never let you ask for revision. Therefore, you will get one-time delivery without any further ado. 

Moreover, a professional retoucher maintains the deadline. He promises you what he can serve to you and keeping this in mind, you ask for that deadline. Once the time comes he will submit his work before you knock him. Professionalism has so many branches aside from the skill. So such a person will communicate with you in this way so you won’t get disturbed. Regular communication with the professional retoucher will ahead your business one step forward. This is how professionals ensure the photo retouching services.

Spot, Dust, Water-mark and Scratch Removal

We all make mistakes so does a photographer, right? So while taking the best photo with the perfect position and light adjustment, there would be a silly mistake that turns it a mess. This would be so many things, for example, sometimes the hard-copy of your photo becomes so blemish and you have not stored the soft-copy. Thus, you have no choice to remove the scratch, dust or spot out of it. A professional photo retouching service will bring the original photo and let your breath again. Moreover, if a photographer makes a mistake like an object that seems odd to you, then we will remove it as well for you. Overall, you will bring the photo alive once again. 

Wrinkles on Clothing

Clothing Industry is ever growing and thus bringing the perfect touch-up of images is a must. We sort out the wrinkles on clothing which is the common hurdle to lift. Even though you demonstrate the clothing after many irons, it will shrink in some areas. Here is why, a perfect photo retouching only removes those wrinkle areas and gives you a perfect look for the perfect shot.

Remove Camera Reflection & Touch-UP

Even though you call upon the finest retoucher who will only retouch but forget about the reflection removal, then it seems null and void. Because the camera reflection has already ruined the photograph. It is as if, a minor flaw sometimes becomes a major one.

E-commerce Product Photo Retouching Services

E-commerce is an ever growing expanding market. The more days we are passing the more sites are launching. So the photo retouching role plays a vital role, indeed. The e-commerce photo retouching means product photo crafting. For example, if your photographer captures a photo but there you get to see dust, then you must ask help from a editor. Moreover, the scenario would be many things to shine-up or brush up the image to make it more attractive to the consumers.

You can edit professional images either to a freelancer from the marketplace or to a trusted service provider. If you have tons of work, then the best thing would be to give your editing work to the photo retouching service provider. 

Fixing pictures is easy and fast and sometimes it takes more time than you can ever imagine. The process of fixing your picture lies in the complexity and expertness. We do have mid-level to top notch designers who can fix all types of pictures. So if you find that you can fix it yourself then Photoshop tools are right ahead of you. But we recommend you to give it to the expert hands.

Editing is fun with the most advanced equipment like Mac-pro version desktop and tablet. Such devices are seamless and render so fast. Moreover, the paid Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are the best traits ever. Here are why professional photographers always use them to edit their photos. 

Different types of photo retouch work demands different ranges of charge. We start our charge from $0.29 only. The more complexity, labor and the deadline period altogether will fix the final charge. 

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