Outsource Ghost Mannequin Effect Service

Outsource Ghost Mannequin Effect Service

Ghost Mannequin Effect to Apparel Products: Nowadays, the apparel and fashion photographers entangled with photo editing naturally. Because of distribute fashion retail online.

“Retouching Zone” provide you the best editing of your E-commerce products. You will get bulk amount of product effect at a low budget for your E-commerce.

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Ghost Mannequin | Neck Joint Service

Photoshop ghost mannequin Services is a low cost service but it maximize your seals. Here are some photo shoot Technic for your appeal products:

Hire a models: stand the models in a static pose and Shoot the best photo.

Studio setup: Studio should looking nice, it is important to set best quality equipment like as placement, lighting, Camera and others.

Photographs: Shoot your Appeal products with accurate height for correct position. It’s will show your product in a flattering view. And, shoot your photo with taking front-back-inner-upper at same height. In conclusion, make sure about the large studio space, backdrop and lights.

Professional Ghost Mannequin Effect

Ghost Mannequin Effect Photoshop
Ghost Mannequin Effect Photoshop

Now we can suggest you open 3d ghost mannequin in Photoshop and make background layer white. And, Create all the layer in a organize way. Thus, you never be confused in photo editing time. So, select your product image. Now you can use pen tool for best selection. Also, some people use Marquee, lasso, Magic wand, Magnetic lasso tool. Now you can select and place the mask on the image. Therefore, white background is better for quick 3d ghost mannequin effect.

Then open your back part image, and adjust this. Finally, you should depth it in a realistic way. So, you may add shadow in adjusting part layer and then merge all of it. Now you can save your photo as any Photoshop format. Now you can crop your image similarly now. So, if some of your picture cropped horizontally, you should crop other picture same way.

Outsource Image Editing Services

We suggest to send your raw images at Retouching zone for 3d ghost mannequin effect. And, we could work on those sample images. This would totally be a free trial. And we could show you the quality, give you a specific deadline time and also provide you a ball point of pricing.

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