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Photoshop Image background Remove Technique

The photographers shoot their photos in different location and different places. But this is not perfect all time. So, you need to remove background from image in Photoshop by Applying many tools and technique. Let’s see how to create transparent background in Photoshop.

Photoshop is fun when you are familiar with its tools and their uses. It gets better when you know how to create transparent background in Photoshop.

Come to the point- is it hard working to create a transparent background? 

Not really, because there is Adobe Photoshop software to make your way easy. They feature an easy background removal process with a few simple clicks. Best Photoshop photo background removal service for Professionals.

How to Create a Transparent Background in Photoshop

There are several effective ways to create a transparent background in Photoshop. Let’s check a few.

Magic Wand Tool- Transparent Background Creator

  1. First thing first: open the file
  2. Attach a transparent layer
  3. Use a tool to disappear the background
  4. Final work: saving the image

A magic wand is a great tool for beginners. It works with simple principles, and saves your time in editing. Let’s see how this tool works. 

Step:1- First thing first: open the file

Open the logo file you want to remove the background color and make it transparent. You can find the file from the “My Computer” segment. It’s more convenient to find the file by searching its name. 

Step:2- Attach a transparent layer

You need to know how to create a transparent background layer in photoshop. After opening Adobe Photoshop, you’ll see a menu bar on the front page. Tap on that option to find the “layers” option. Now, select “new layer” from the sub-menu segment. 

Alternatively, you can tap on the square icon on the layer window. Then, the new layer will be transparent automatically- the beauty of Adobe is here. You must drag this new layer below your image’s layer this time. Finally, you can select your content layer. 

Step:3- Use a tool to disappear the background

It’s time to use the magic wand tool to disappear from the background permanently. With these tools, you’ll know how to make part of an image transparent in photoshop 2020. 

These tools are highly helpful when you want to remove the selected area of a photo. The tolerance settings should be 32 here for the best result. 

Using different settings is encouraged if you’re dealing with a photo with high contrast. The last thing at this step is to hit the delete button. Your image’s new background will be a gray and white checkered background. 

Step:4- Final work: saving the image

Well, the final work is to know how to save transparent background in photoshop. This process is just like the saving process of other files: select files and hit on the “save as” button.
The final fine, after being saved, will look true transparent. If you want to convert your image color into RGB,  select “Mode” and “RGB Color.” This is how you get a transparent background in Photoshop 2021 and CC 2020. 

Magic Tool- Manually Create Transparent Background in Photoshop

Using a magic tool, you can easily remove the background. This tool is available in photoshop 2021, photoshop cc 2020, and many more versions.
But, some situations may lead you to use a manual background removing tool. The background eraser tool is here to deliver you a transparent background. 

Step:1- Add a layer

Open your target image on photoshop and select the background layer option. You can select the Duplicate layer option to add a new layer. A dialog box will appear; you need to rename it then. Tap on “ok” and click the eye button to turn the original layer off. 

Step:2- Find the background eraser tool

There is a toolbox on the left-hand side. Select the Background Eraser tool from there. It might be hidden below the Eraser tool.

This time, you need to click and hold the Eraser tool. This way, more options will be revealed, and you can finally select the tool. 

Step:3- Make some changes

You must see the brush icon on the top of the screen at this stage. Tap on the icon to change the hardness of the image. Try to keep it close to 100% as much as possible. 
The size is a personal preference. So, you should increase and decrease it according to your demand. Also, you have the power to change the spacing and angle.

Step:4- The most crucial stage: removal of background

So, how do I make a white background transparent in photoshop? Well, start erasing the background from the edges of your subject. 
Here, you need to know the use of the Background Eraser tool. It works on clicking and holding while moving the brush. Your target is to keep the crosshairs inside throughout the whole time. 

There is a zoom-in facility to see more close details. That means you’ll get more ease of use while editing.  Doing short strokes with the brush is recommended so that you can always Undo the previous mistakes. If the brush goes too far, that’ll be hard to correct. 

When dealing with difficult areas, sometimes you may require adjusting your brush size. It’s easy to do- revisit the tools option bar. Alternatively, you can use [ and ] to adjust your brush size as you wish. There could be a problem with resizing the brush as it may not erase your subject. The solution is- to undo the last action first. Now, visit the tool options bar to adjust the Sampling to Once (the middle icon in the set of three). 

Fix the Discontiguous limits and fix the tolerance to 10% or a few more. The outcome of this setting is mind-blowing. Hence, you can create a transparent png in photoshop following this method. 

Photoshop Pen Tool- Make the Background Transparent

This tool is highly recommended for pro editors. If you’re a newbie, a little practice with consistency will bring a wonderful result. Here you know the details about its use. 

Step:1- Select an area

After opening Photoshop, you’ll find a bunch of options on the left portion of the software. From there, select the pen tool. It’ll be at the top inside the pen symbol. 
Now, start selecting an area by using a cursor. Trace the path slowly, and cover the details area. To do this, it’s mandatory to zoom in on the photo as much as possible. 


remove background from image in photoshop
clipping path in photoshop


Step:2- Dealing with the clipping path

Find the window option from the top part of Photoshop. Now, select it and click on “paths” from a bunch of options. Renaming the path is convenient for your work. 
When a patch panel pops up next to the layer panel, you need to rename the path then. Simply click on it and rename whatever you want. 

After renaming, it’s time to convert the clipping path into a selection. Open the path panel and right-click on the panel. Best professional Photoshop handmade clipping path service for outsourced.

You can see the option “make a selection.” This option is basically for choosing the appropriate value of feather. Tap on “OK” after selecting your desired value. 


how to remove image background
how to remove image background


Step:3- Background removal stage

The most crucial stage is in front of you now. Visit the layers panel to select “duplicate background layer.” There are huge options on the right side of the screen, you may have trouble finding it. 

Go to Select and then Inverse. After that, you need to hit the delete button. The magical moment is here- the background will be removed. You’ll get a transparent background on your desired photo. Only the selected area will be changed in this way. This tool’s success depends on your skill with the Photoshop tool. 


remove the background photoshop
remove the background


Lasso Tool- Get the Background Changed

The Lasso tool’s working function is similar to the Magic wand’s. Though it’s easy to use, you need to know its pros and cons first. Here is a detailed overview of how to make a transparent background using the Lasso tool. 

Step:1- First thing first: trace the image

Find the Lasso tool from the toolbar of Photoshop. There you can see three Lasso tools: normal Lasso tool, polygonal Lasso tool, and magnetic Lasso tool. 

You should select the last one. Now, start tracing the image with the help of a mouse. Be careful while selecting the area as it can be damaged due to lack of concentration. 

Step:2- Selected region separation

After tracing the photo, it’s time to separate the selected region. Perform a right-click to get access to the selected segment. Once you’re in, click on “layer via copy.” It’s also accepted if you move with select and inverse. 

This action makes the selected region separated. By pressing the delete button, you can easily remove the background. 

Step:3- Perform necessary cropping

Use the zoom-in feature to get a close view of the image. It helps to crop the final image more efficiently.

Background Eraser Tool to Get Transparent Background

The background eraser is one of the easiest and fastest tools for transparent backgrounds. Let’s check out how this tool can make your life easy. 

Step:1- Change settings

Look at the eraser menu under the toolbar. There is an option called the background eraser tool. Tap on it and select the background layer. Now, your responsibility is to change the size and hardness of the menu.

Step:2- Start removing background

Drag the mouse to remove the background slowly. For faster performance, zoom in on the photo. Move the eraser slowly and make the background transparent. The software will manually erase pixels on a layer to remove the background. It has a good control you would never get at the Magic eraser tool.

How to Make the Background Transparent in Photoshop iPad

Have you ever thought of doing some groundbreaking editing using your iPad? If you’re an iPad user, you have a straightforward method to get a transparent background. Check this out to make a background transparent in Photoshop iPad. 

  • First, introduce the instant Alpha tool to get your desired transparent image. 
  • Open the image and tap on it to start editing
  • Select “instant alpha” at this stage
  • Now, drag a finger over the color, and the color will disappear
  • For removing multiple colors, tap and drag multiple times
  • If any change requires, tap reset to get the image’s previous state
  • When you’re done, tap on done and enjoy

How to Create a Transparent Background for a logo in Photoshop

A logo is stubborn to edit, let alone remove background. The task is more difficult in case there is a tough background. This time, you’ll know briefly how to create a transparent background for a logo in Photoshop. 

  • First thing first: make your image into a layered file
  • Leave the image with the default layer settings “layer 0.”
  • Click on the subject to remove the stubborn background color
  • Select areas using the tool like a magic wand
  • Subtract background from the selection
  • To do this, enter SHIFT+CTRL+I from the keyboard
  • For Mac users, the command prompt is “SHIFT+COMMAND+I.”
  • If you want to make any change, enter CTRL+D
  • For Mac users, it’s COMMAND+D
  • The last work is exporting the image in PNG format
  • Check if it’s finally saved with the “.png” extension


Getting a photo with a transparent background is all about performing some easy steps. 

Now, as you know how to create a transparent background in Photoshop, you can handle it on any device. Some versions of Photoshop prefer the latest one for the latest features. 

Sometimes, you may need to remove the color from a selected area’s background. Well, you also have gone through it.
After uploading the photo, add a preferred layer. Then, select the object and apply the background eraser tool. This is how to make a transparent background in Photoshop. 

iPad users can also try this thing easily by using the Alpha tool. If saving time is your utmost priority, go for Snappa. For a quality image with better resolution, try Canva or Adobe Photoshop. 

Whatever you use, you need to learn the proper use of the eraser tool for the best output. 

If you have any confusion, view our video tutorial below.

How to Remove the Background Photoshop by Clipping Path?


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