E-commerce Image Background Removal Service

E-commerce Image Background Remove Service

Product photography is the present trend for the online business. When a eCommerce photographer takes a photo, the background color or other can’t be perfect. So, they needs to remove background from photo. We have e-commerce photo editor team who are experts is image background removal service & retouching. They are experts to make image background transparent or white background.

If you need other backgrounds, our experts are here to complete your requirements. We provide e-commerce image background remove service for professionals.

Remove Background from Image Photoshop

Remove background from image is valuable for professional photographers, studio and eCommerce. Image background or location is no matter. You can transfer your images to white background or others as you need by photo background removal service.

Retouching Zone team is expert in making transparent background image and you can use your images to any place. Also you can use white background images on your Brand site and online shop.

The process to Remove Background from Image:

  • Cut out unwanted objects from image
  • Separate subject from background
  • Remove/Replace background from picture
  • Amazon or E-bay product photo editing
  • E-commerce product image background remove
  • Replacement objects in picture
  • Edit 360 deg photos remove background
  • Smooth the photo edge as needed

What is Photoshop Remove Background from Image?

Photoshop remove bg is a process of a photo to erase the unwanted object and make it transparent. Picture has different types of background and look dreary and dull. So you can remove this by photo background removal service and get a nice background. We use Photoshop pen tool to remove background from image. It’s Called Photoshop Clipping Path Service.

Types of clipping path: The basic of clipping is the same for all types of clipping path service. But it has a number of branches depends on complexity. Here we will discuss it.

E-commerce Image Background Removal Services
E-commerce Image Background Remove Service

Basic clipping path image:

Basic Clipping Path is the formation of image editing. The key objective of the clipping path is to replace the background of an image from an inappropriate background. Besides that, there are some other purposes for which clipping path is applied. The classification of a clipping path normally depends on the simplicity or complexity of the images.

Compound photo clipping path:

Unlike simple or basic clipping, compound clipping contains more holes and more curves. Think about product images which has many corners and holes. In order to create many paths around it, one needs to give more time and patience at the same point. Compound clipping path refers to cropping or removing the background from a compound image by pen tool. Unlike, a basic path the compound clipping requires to create the more added path.

Complex clipping path:

Complex clipping is high-end clipping and it is more complex and time-consuming. It is called complex because of so many objects required to clipping and removing. For an example, if a designer get an image of a football team and he has to put them in a white background. So, it would be a complex Clipping Path Service. First of all, I told about basic clipping with a solid single object with fewer holes or curves. Secondly, few single product which has a few more holes than a simple one. And, now the complex clipping has many objects and I don’t know how much! maybe 10 to even 100.

E-commerce Image Background Remove Service at Retouching Zone

Nowadays the most popular platforms of business is E-commerce. We know there are thousands of product images per month. And a nice picture is important for transfer a customer to really sell an eCommerce product images. So, image editing is most important for e-commerce business. The Eye catching image will help you more regular sell.

E-commerce Image background remove service is one of the common services to eCommerce business owner. If you are a host on Amazon, eBay and Shopify then remove bg is most important for you? Retouching Zone is the leading service provider in Asia and outsource services worldwide.

We suggest you to send us some of your sample images to check our image editing service process and quality. This will be a free trail. We ensure you that you will get professional quality services. We always focus on quality first. Submit a Free Trial to justify our quality. Retouching Zone Outsourcing photo editing services for photographer’s & E-commerce.

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