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How to Use Pen Tool Photoshop for Product Photography

What is the pen tool Photoshop?

Pen tool Photoshop is a great tool to edit your product image efficiently. 

It has a lot of features to bring an image with outstanding output. But, a large number of editors don’t know how to use pen tool Photoshop for product photography. 

Well, first they need to know about the pen tool features like the curvature, free-form and magnetic pen tool. Almost every tool has a similar destination- make lines between points and generate paths. You can modify the paths, change the points and do some creative vector art using this tool. 

Furthermore, you should know about pen tool shortcuts for precise and quick editing. Once you know about the pen tool settings clearly, you can show excellent editing performance. 

A pen tool is a tool of Illustrator which allows for creating and editing anchor points and paths. 

It’s used as a simple selection feature, filling up your draw with the highest accuracy. It creates paths and shapes along with duplicating and manipulating for generating complex selections. 

This tool is highly helpful when you need to isolate any object from the background. Also, it’s a great foundational tool for creating vector graphics. 
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Types of pen tool Photoshop

Photoshop CC 2019 primarily features four types of pen tools.

  • The standard pen tool
  • The curvature pen tool
  • The freeform pen tool
  • The magnetic pen tool

There are also three types of Photoshop pen tool features existing in the pen tool segment. 

  • Anchor point tool
  • Delete anchor point tool
  • Convert point tool

What are the uses of the pen tool Photoshop?

Every pen tool in Photoshop is mainly used for generating vector lines and making the editing process easier. Here you know about the dedicated uses of all pen tools of Photoshop. 

The standard pen tool

It’s the most basic version of the Photoshop pen tool. Editors and vector artists use it for creating complex selections, masks, and objects. 

Rather than drawing pixels on the image, it generates vector paths and makes your way easy. Professional photographers use this tool to disappear any faulty background or make it transparent. 

The curvature pen tool

The curvature pen tool Photoshop is a simplified and optimized version of the standard pen tool. It’s widely used to draw complex shapes and paths. 

You don’t need to remember any keyboard shortcuts and edit control handles when using this tool. It’s mainly useful for beginner editors for removing any background from the image.

The free-form pen tool

The free-form pen tool is popular because of its high user convenience. It automatically adds the anchor points, allowing drawing vector shapes easily. Its primary implementation is in vector art, which is also known as illustration work. 

The magnetic pen tool

Photoshop has brought the magnetic pen tool feature to let artists draw more easily. It allows setting up the range of the pen as well as the sensitivity. 

By changing the number of anchor points, making some creative creations is possible. It’s an option of the free-form pen tool and has a similar application. 

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Professional Clipping Path in Photoshop

clipping path photoshop
clipping path photoshop

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Create a curved path segment with the Pen Tool

Using the pen tool Photoshop elements, creating a curved path segment is much easier. Here’s the detailed process of this job. 

Step:1- Select shape mode

After opening the pen tool, find the tool mode option to select the shape mode. The tool mode is set to path, and you need to change it to shape mode. It’s all about tapping on the option and changing the selection. 

Step:2- Add a starting point

Add a starting point similar to creating a straight line using the pen tool. You can see little squares called “anchor points” when you click. The clicked area will fill up with a starting point certainly. 

Step:3- Generate the curved path

Adding a second point with the first point makes a straight line. When you bring a third point, it’ll generate a curved path. 

You need to use the curvature pen tool to make this job easier. By clicking on the third point, the straight line will be converted to a curved line. 

Step:4- Add more points

You may want to make the path more curved for a specific purpose. There is an “add more points” segment to do this job. 

To add a fourth anchor point, tap using the cursor. The position will be the vertical line along the right and the horizontal guide in the center intersect. 

Create a straight path segment after a curved path segment with the Pen Tool

To create a straight path segment after a curved path segment, the pen tool is enough. Let’s see how it works. 

First, choose the pen tool from the menu. Then, click on the drag anchor point in the direction of the curve. 

Next, click-drag a new anchor point to generate a curved line. Now, your turn is to create a straight-path segment. 

Simply click once on the last anchor point and the operation will be executed. By clicking on the point, you can complete generating the straight line. If you drag, it won’t work. 

Close your path with the Pen Tool

To close a path, you need to move the cursor over the hollow anchor point. Then, look for a circle that will appear next to the cursor. 

Now, press the Shift key along with clicking the endpoint. The path will be closed instantly. If you want to stop drawing a path without closing it, you should tap on the Escape button. 

Save your path

Saving the path isn’t necessary when using the pen tool to make selections. In case you’re interested in doing it, you have an easy way. 

The active path will be represented as the “work path”. Tap on that name and then rename it whatever you want. The path will be saved then. 

Modify an existing path with the Pen Tool

Modifying an existing path segment is also known as altering the path segment. To alter a path segment, find the Direct Selection tool from the toolbox. 

Then, hold down the Control key for Windows to modify an existing path with the pen tool. Press the Shift-click to add or disappear any point from the previous selection. 

You can also drag across anchor points to select them. For Mac users, using the command key is an easy option. 

Add additional paths to an existing path using the Pen Tool

You can add both straight and curved paths to an existing path using the pen tool. Understanding pen tool photoshop tutorials precisely will help you more in this job. 

To add a straight line to an existing path, you need to select the shape mode first. Then, add the fourth anchor point to the existing path. 

Consider the fourth point as the first point of the new path. The residual way is simple- draw a curved or straight line according to your desire. 

Modify existing points and curves along a path

Editors never prefer modifying paths using Brazier curves. So, open the Curvature Pen tool in Adobe Photoshop so that you can create paths easily. 

By pushing and pulling segments to modify them, you can easily do this. To start this action, simply create the first point using the pen tool. Then, trace around the curved shape by clicking once to place each point. 

You should add extra points to get finer control over the curve. If you want to delete any extra points, simply click the point. 

After that, press Delete, and the existing point will be modified. By double-clicking a point, you can easily switch between the corner and smooth points. 

Add new points to a path

Adding new points to a path is already acknowledged by you. In the part about creating a curved and straight path segment, you’ve learned how to add new points. Once the path is created, you can easily add new points to the existing path. 

Remove points from a path

If you know how to modify the existing straight or curved line, then you know the removal process of a point. To remove any extra points, simply click on that point. After that, press the Delete button and get a new path. 

Create a selection from a path

To create a selection between two points from a path, you need to select those two points. A line will automatically be generated between them. By using Alt/opt- you can drag the lines to change them. 

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Why Is Learning the Pen Tool in Photoshop Worth Your time?

Accuracy is the first and foremost criterion when dealing with any image. The pen tool Photoshop ensures the most accurate selection among all conventional tools. 

Think about creating pixels on your desired line and cutting out the part. This process is too lengthy, industrious, and overall, not worth your time. 

The pen tool photoshop helps you in filling and stroking whatever you draw. You can create useful shapes, and perform your actions easily. 

Learning pen tool Photoshop permits duplicating most curves existing in the real world. So, your overall editing session becomes easy and you can save a huge amount of time by using this tool. 

Pen tool setting overview
Pen tool setting overview
Pen tool setting overview

After entering the standard Pen Tool, you can select the curvature pen tool or the freeform pen tool. 

Photoshop allows you to set the setting to either Path or Shape. It can easily be done from the option bar, located at the top of the application window.

By choosing the shape settings, you can change the stroke color, thickness, and fill color of the shape. 

The anchor point tool helps in converting smooth anchor points into corner points. All you need to do is click on the “add anchor point tool”. 

Pen tool location in Photoshop

You can find the pen tool Photoshop in the lower half of the Toolbar. The pen tool Photoshop icon looks like the “ink pen” of the old period. When you click on the icon, six different options of the pen tool Photoshop will appear in front of you. 

Though the Photoshop CC 2018 and 2019 version have six tools, the older versions have only five tools. However, if the pen tool isn’t visible, you can fix this by simply resetting the pen tool.

Pen tool Photoshop shortcuts

There are some pen tool Photoshop shortcuts that may make your way easier. All you need to do is simply tap on the keyboard with the right buttons. 

  • P : allows you to use the pen tool
  • CTRL / CMD : allows using the direct selection tool
  • ALT / OPTN : enables the anchor pointing tool
  • + : enables the Add Anchor Point Tool.
  • – : enables the Remove Anchor Point Tool.

How to use the Pen Tool in Photoshop to create a path

Here you get a complete overview of how to use the pen tool Photoshop for product photography. The whole process is a little bit longer but will seem easy after practicing a few times. 

Create a new path with the Pen Tool
Create a new path with the Pen Tool
Create a new path with the Pen Tool

Using a command, you can easily start a new path with the pen tool. Hit on Cmd/Ctrl and then, click in an empty area. It’ll deactivate the previous path and then continue drawing. Alternatively, select the pen tool from the toolbox. 

Then, select a drawing option indicating the path. Finally, mark the start and ending points to connect the dots.  

How to use the Convert Point tool

Follow the steps to use the convert point tool in your pen tool Photoshop.

  • Visit the Toolbox first
  • Select the Convert Point  Tool from there
  • Click on a smooth anchor point 
  • Drag away from a corner anchor point 
  • Wait for converting it to a smooth anchor point.

How to use pen tool in Photoshop to cut out images

Try on the photoshop pen tool to practice images before cutting out an image. Here’s how you should proceed. 

Step:1- Access the pen tool

To access the pen tool, click on the Pen tool icon. You can also start by pressing  P on the keyboard. 

Step:2- Generating pen path

Use the “add an anchor point” option to generate a path. Move the cursor across the target area and end by the target point. A straight line will automatically be generated between your selected area. 

Step:3- Make a selection

Now, right-click inside the recently created path and select the ‘Make Selection’ option. When the selection dialogue box appears, set the radius to 0.5. Furthermore, you need to leave anti-aliased checks off. 

Step:4- Make a new selection

Set the operation to the “new selection” and click “ok”. It’s time to select the layer you want to cut out. After selecting the layer, press on the layer mask icon. 

The residual process is automated. The active selection will be automatically applied to your layer mask. And, the image will be cut out from its background. 

How to fill color in pen tool Photoshop

Go for Ctrl/right-click the path from the Paths tab, located on the right. Select the Fill Path segment to create a shape from it. Don’t forget to change the contents to either foreground or background. The selection depends upon the color swatch you prefer. 

Now, specify a foreground or background color. By selecting the area to fill with color, your command will proceed. You can fill an entire layer by selecting the layer in the Layers panel.

Transform or scale a shape Path

This part is discussed in the previous segment. Please, check out the part “modify existing points and curves along a path” for better understanding. 

Other Pen Tool options

You’ve known about the pen tool options earlier. Here we briefly reveal their prime works. 

Curvature Pen Tool

Draw complex shapes and paths without the need to edit control handles.

Curvature Pen Tool
Curvature Pen Tool
Free-form Pen Tool

Allows you to draw vector shapes and various paths conveniently. 

Freeform Pen Tool
Freeform Pen Tool
Magnetic Pen Tool

Permits the artist to draw a path that snaps to the edges of defined areas on the drawing.

Draw with pen tool Photoshop

Pen tool Photoshop allows you to draw figures by connecting various points. 

Create a shape using the Pen Tool

Creating a shape using the pen tool is already discussed in the aforementioned parts. Have a look over there for both straight and curved shapes.

How to use the pen tool to crop images in Photoshop

The pen tool doesn’t allow cropping off any image quickly. You can cut out the part of the image by following the previous step. But, it’s not accurate and the output won’t be pleasing. So, what’s the best way?

Select Picture Tools from the toolbox. Then, go to Format and then Size. By clicking Crop under the Crop heading, your half work is done. Now, select the aspect ratio and click the corresponding ratio. The image will be cropped easily. 

Remove background with the copy selection

The copy selection tool isn’t directly available to remove a background from an image. They use the term “quick selection tool” to make the way easier. The steps are pretty simple. Here are the best product photo background removal service for e-commerce.

  • Open the desired image
  • Select the quick selection tool
  • Make the selection of the desired area
  • Tap on the “layer via copy”
  • Get the subject image in a new layer

Remove background with a layer mask

Follow the steps carefully to remove the background with a layer mask.

  • Go to Select > Select and Mask
  • Select the Foreground now
  • Use the quick selection tool to refine the selection
  • Improve the mask edge
  • Visit the drop-down menu “output to” now
  • Select layer mask from there
  • Add a new background now (optional)


Using the pen tool Photoshop isn’t easy unless you’re a master in its use. A lot of practice is mandatory for making excellent output. 

After learning about how to use pen tool Photoshop for product photography, you don’t need to meet an editor. 

The most important part is using the right tool for a specific job. For example, you have better tools to crop an image than the pen tool. 

The pen tool has advantageous features to make specific jobs easier. All you have to know is which tool is suitable for which purpose. 

Start practicing by joining two points and generating a straight line. Then, you can connect three points and generate a curved line. When you’re an expert, you can easily modify the paths, along with drawing amazing art. 

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