Image Editing Services

Retouching Zone” outsource image editing services in Asia & Worldwide. We are always dedicated to deliver images to make you meet your tight deadlines and within budgets. Our eCommerce photo editor’s team is expert in product photo editing & retouching services. We always focuses on the guaranteed image output quality.

Clipping Path Service

  • Photoshop Clipping Path: Simple Clipping, Compound Clipping, Complex Clipping and Super Complex Clipping.
  • Clipping Paths: Model Image, Clothing Image, Accessories Image, Interior Image, Jewelry Image and Car Image.
  • Clipping Path Service: Clipping Path, Cutout Image, Vector Path, Multiple Clipping Path,
  • Outsource Image Editing Services &  Clipping Path Service.
clipping path service
image editing

Ghost Mannequin Service

  • Photoshop Ghost Mannequin: Ghost Mannequin Effect, Neck Joint and Image Manipulation.
  •  Ghost Mannequin: Ghost Mannequin Service, Neck Joint, Bottom Part Joint and Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin.
  • Ghost Mannequin Service: Ghost Mannequin Effect, Neck Joint, Hanger Removing and Symmetric Neck Joint.
  • Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Effect and Neck Joint service.

Photo Retouching Service

  • Photoshop Photo Retouching: Simple Photo Retouching, Complex Photo Retouching and Super Complex Photo Retouching.
  • Photo Retouching: Product Retouching Services, Model Photo Retouching and Commercial Photo Retouching.
  • Photo Retouching Service: Basic Photo retouch, Spot Removing, Beauty Retouch, and High-End Photo Retouching.
  • Outsource Image Editing Services & Photo Retouching Services.
product retouching services
Color Correction

Color Correction Service

  • Photoshop Color Correction: Simple Color Correction, Complex Color Correction and Super Complex Color Correction.
  • Color Correction: Fashion Photo, Clothing Photo, Accessories Photo, Jewelry Photo, Watch Photo and Car Photo.
  • Color Correction Service: Color Correction, Color Replacement, Convert Negative Image to Positive and Brightness Correction.
  • Outsource Image Editing Services Photoshop Color Correction.

Shadow Making Service

  • Photoshop Shadow Making: Simple Shadow, Complex Shadow and Super Complex Shadow.
  • Shadow Making: Model Image, Clothing Image, Accessories Image, Jewelry Image and Car Image.
  • Shadow Making Service: Natural Shadow, Drop Shadow and Reflection Shadow.
  • Outsource Image Editing Services Clipping Path with Shadow Creation.
outsource image editing services

Background Remove Service

  • Image Background Remove: Simple Image, Compound Image, Complex Image and Super Complex Image.
  • Remove Background: Model Image, Product Image, Jewelry Image and Car Image.
  • Background Remove Service: Background Removing, White/ Transparent BG, Background Replacement.
  • Outsource Background Remove Service & Cut Out Image Service.

Ecommerce Image Editing Services

  • E-commerce Image Editing: Simple Image Editing, Complex Image Editing and Super Complex Image Editing.
  • Image Editing: Product Image Editing, Jewelry Image Editing and Car Image Editing.
  • Image Editing Services: Clipping Path, Shadow, Retouching, Neck Joint, color correction & Cropping.
  • Outsource Ecommerce Image Editing Services & Photoshop Photo Editing.
Clipping path with natural shadow service

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